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We Inspect Serious Bus Accidents For Your Recovery

In an area as densely populated as New York City, public transportation is vital. However, buses might hit pedestrians or collide with other vehicles. When this happens, the resulting injuries could be severe.

At Brian J. Levy & Associates, P.C., we know how drastically a bus accident can change your life. Personal injury claims following a bus accident, however, can be complicated. Our attorneys have the experience and dedication to investigate the crash and fight for your recovery.

Common Causes Of Bus Accidents

Many different scenarios could lead to bus accident injuries, including:

  • Poor bus maintenance or defective bus components
  • Bus driver fatigue, drug influence or drunk driving
  • Traffic violations or regulatory safety violations of the bus driver, such as improper turns or failing to yield to pedestrians
  • Negligence of another driver on the road
  • Dangerous road conditions

Bus accidents could involve many different parties. A private charter bus company, a public entity, a different driver or someone else could be at fault for the accident.

Even if the bus driver made a mistake, their employer would likely be liable for damages. For example, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the New York City Transit Authority oversee many of the buses in the Bronx. Our team also files claims for accidents involving school buses, which may be publicly or privately controlled.

Why Bus Accident Cases Are Especially Complex

Although it’s not always possible to fully reverse physical and mental damage, filing a claim for your injuries could give you compensation – as with any other type of auto accident. Unfortunately, it can be hard to figure out which party is responsible for providing compensation. In a bus accident, it is not always clear who you should hold accountable.

While you focus on healing, our attorneys thoroughly examine the factors that led to the crash. We can identify whether to pursue your claim through a bus company, the city or another driver’s insurance.

Furthermore, if a public bus driver is at fault, seeking relief from the local government involves unique rules and steps. Our lawyers can lift the burden of these complications from your shoulders.

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Bus accidents can be immensely traumatic whether you were riding the bus, driving your own car or crossing the street. At Brian J. Levy & Associates, P.C., we will advocate for you – no matter how intricate the case may be. Call 718-423-0757 or email us to learn about your options.