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Bronx Car Accident Lawyer

A serious car crash presents several major challenges simultaneously: a medical emergency, a liability puzzle and a legal case to hold a wrongdoer responsible. While a seriously injured person is receiving medical attention and beginning the recovery journey, an attorney handling the case will strive to determine whose negligence caused the accident and prepare legal arguments in support of full compensation.

Brian J. Levy & Associates, P.C., from law offices in the Bronx and on Long Island, has successfully completed these processes on behalf of many people injured in auto accidents throughout Bronx, New York City and the tri-state area.

Medical Care After An Auto Accident

An injured driver, passenger or pedestrian may require a range of medical care, including:

  • Emergency treatment at the site of the accident and/or evaluation in an emergency room (ER)
  • Follow-up care, possibly including surgery and a lengthy hospitalization
  • Therapy and rehabilitation, perhaps in a long-term care facility
  • Ongoing evaluation by medical professionals who will, at some point, make a prognosis about the injured person’s long-term recovery potential
  • Personal care and disability accommodations at home in catastrophic injury cases

A personal injury lawyer representing the injured person will need to stay in close touch with health care personnel and review medical reports to gain an understanding of overall costs.

Determining Liability After An Accident

New York is a no-fault insurance state, but for some accidents, evidence of negligence makes a difference. Finding out whose wrongdoing caused a car or truck accident is not as simple as reading an accident report put together by the police. Accident reconstruction work may require the help of private investigators. Evidence to unlock the puzzle may include photos of the wreck scene, interviews with eyewitnesses and examination of weather and road condition records.

Once a New York car accident attorney has reached conclusions about fault and liability, your claim can be presented to claims adjusters and, if necessary, to a judge and jury. Recovery of the compensation that you need is the all-important goal.

Maximizing Your Compensation After A Car Accident

With many working parts to account for, a successful injury claim or lawsuit is by nature complex and challenging. Brian J. Levy & Associates, P.C., is up to the challenge. We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of people injured in car accidents.

To get answers to your questions, discuss your case and understand your prospects for financial recovery through legal action, call our experienced auto accident lawyer at either our Bronx office at 718-423-0757 or our Syosset office at 516-496-1777 or email us by sending an email inquiry through this website. Initial consultations are free.