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Who Pays For Uber And Other Ride-Sharing Accidents?

The popularity of ride-hailing applications such as Uber and Lyft has skyrocketed in recent years. Once considered an innovative alternative to taxicabs, these companies are now well known. They are designed to match individuals needing a ride with drivers willing to take them in their own vehicles.

However, as with any mode of transportation in traffic, drivers for these services are sometimes involved in motor vehicle collisions. When this happens, it can be confusing to know how to pursue a claim if you were a paying passenger who was seriously injured.

A Law Firm To Turn To After A Ride-Sharing Accident

Brian J. Levy & Associates, P.C. has practiced personal injury law in New York City and the tri-state region for 15 years. With offices in the Bronx and Long Island, we serve the metro area and the tri-state region.

We have handled more than 1,500 cases and we are up to date on legal developments that impact motor vehicle injury clients. We prepare cases with precision and assist our clients with matters such as lost income, mounting medical bills and calculating the funds they will need to recover from or adapt to their injuries.

Determining Responsibility For An Uber Injury Accident

Accident victims injured in rideshare situations should call a personal injury attorney experienced in this specific practice area. Our firm can help you discover the most appropriate party to approach about compensation or to name in a civil lawsuit seeking damages. Possible parties include:

  • The driver and his or her insurance company. If there is any question whether the ride-hailing company considered the driver “on duty,” a driver’s personal car insurance may apply.
  • Rideshare company insurance policies. Both Uber and Lyft offer $1 million third-party liability coverage for personal injuries and property damage in accidents caused by their drivers.
  • A third-party driver. If your injuries were the fault of a driver who hit the hired car, you can make a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or name the driver in a personal injury lawsuit.

It might seem logical to directly approach Uber or Lyft for damages, but since the companies have successfully argued in court that their drivers are contractors, not employees, it is unlikely that a suit blaming the business for its driver’s negligence will succeed.

Learn More About Ride-Sharing Accident Cases

Have your accident claim evaluated by a law firm that has recovered $25 million in damages for clients. To set up an appointment with a New York rideshare accident attorney, call us at our Syosset office at 516-496-1777 or our Bronx office at 718-423-0757 or email us.