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Work With An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer In Bronx, New York

In the tri-state region surrounding New York City, you have many personal injury law firms from which to choose. It can be intimidating to try to select the right one to represent you. Brian J. Levy & Associates, law firm offices in Syosset and the Bronx offers tri-state residents a powerful blend of experience, focus and recognition in the world of personal injury law.

Founding attorney Brian J. Levy is a Bronx personal injury lawyer and has more than 15 years of experience representing car accident, slip-and-fall, construction and other accident victims. Our firm has successfully represented more than 1,500 cases. We approach cases with in-depth analysis of the evidence and aggressively pursue the strategies most likely to lead to a fair settlement or award at trial.

Helping You Recover Financially After A Serious Accident

As an experienced Bronx personal injury attorney, Brian works one-on-one with clients in and around New York City. He can help you if you are injured and in a variety of situations, including:

A serious accident changes your life; it can change your career, your family and your personal relationships. Brian and his team work to maximize your settlement. You won’t have to deal with the insurance company. We will let you know what a case like yours is typically worth.

Then we will discuss with you what is a fair amount that will cover all of your bills, care and other expenses such as you being out of work or having to live with pain. We will go to bat for you. We won’t let the insurance company get away with an offer that is not fair.

Who Is The Best Lawyer To Handle My Personal Injury Claim?

When reviewing a potential New York personal injury law firm or a Bronx car accident lawyer, you will want to be able to answer the following questions about how it operates:

  • How much experience (years of practice and number of cases) do the attorneys have in personal injury law?
  • What are some representative case results from the firm?
  • Has the law firm handled cases like mine?
  • Will the attorney I work with travel to see me for meetings if I cannot get to the office?
  • Does the firm work on a contingency basis – meaning I pay fees for their services only if they win compensation for me?
  • Are they willing to handle all negotiations on my behalf?

It is important to ask the right questions of potential legal representatives. Poor selection of an attorney could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in compensation, if not much more. Read on to get answers to commonly asked questions.

Answers To The Three Most-Asked Injury Questions

  1. How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer? It does not cost a dime to speak with us or to hire us. The only time we get paid is when we win a settlement out of court or a verdict in court for you. Then we take an agreed-upon percentage.
  2. How long will my case take? This will depend on three things: The type of injury you suffer from, how long it takes to recover from your injury and how willing the other side is to negotiate. If the other side knows that they are unlikely to prevail in court they will most likely want to settle. These settlements can happen weeks or months after the injury. However, some insurance companies will wait until the eleventh hour. This means until we file a lawsuit, they will hold out their best offer.
  3. What is my case worth? This usually depends on how seriously you were injured. You shouldn’t accept a settlement until you have recovered as fully as possible. Only then will you know how the injury will affect your life and what your future needs will be. Some injuries, such as TBIs can have lingering effects that require on-going care or expensive medical services or diagnostic tools, such as an MRI or CT scan. Other cases, such as those that require more than one reconstructive surgery (such as facial), can also take well over a year. It is important to understand that waiting is not always a bad thing if it means a significant increase in compensation. This increase can enable you and your family to get all the care you need and to recover as fully as you are able.

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Our firm has secured $25 million in compensation for our clients. Call our Syosset office at 516-496-1777 or our Bronx office at 718-423-0757 today to have an experienced personal injury lawyer work with you to file your lawsuit, or you can email us to set up a free appointment. If we cannot recover compensation for your case, you owe us nothing.