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Bicycle Accident: Call An Attorney

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Personal Injury |

With the increasing number of people on this earth, the planet has become cramped and jammed with traffic. Not just human traffic but also vehicles. Some people own cars while other prefer using bicycles as a means of transportation.

Of course bicycle is a healthier option to move around. Not only does it take you to your destination but also is great exercise for your body. It’s like killing two birds with same arrow. You can stay fit and reach your office at the same time. But with an increase in the number of vehicles, accidents have become more common.

Even if you are on a bicycle, you can get hit by a car, a bus or even a motorbike. In case you face an accident, it is always better to contact your lawyer who would guide about the legal procedures that are carried after the mishap.

  • When to call a lawyer

Check yourself for injuries, go home, drink some water and then call your lawyer. Contacting the lawyer on the very same day of the accident will help him build a stronger case on your behalf because the details of the mishap will still be fresh in your mind.

  • Why is contacting a lawyer important?

If you think bicycle accident is not a big deal then you are wrong. What if you got seriously injured? You could have been fatally hurt and lost your life too. Depending on your minor or major injuries, a lawyer will help you create a case and get the deserving money from the insurance company.

Te insurance people are quick in contacting a person who just went through an accident in attempt to pursue them to take a small amount of money and forget everything. Sometimes the effected person deserves more but the insurance company offers less so that they don’t have to face the claim charges.

If you will have a lawyer by your side, he will help you in getting your deserving share that would cover up all of the damages done to your cycle and health.

  • How the process works?

Hire a lawyer; provide him all the details of the accidents, show your damaged bicycle and injuries on your body as prove so that he can file a case against the guilty party. Both parties will have an out of the court settlement where the guilty party will be asked to pay for the damages done to the property of the effected one. All the legal aspects will be handled by the lawyer.

  • Things to expect after the accident

Bruises and achy body is what you will get after an accident along with a damaged bicycle. Expect multiple calls from the insurance company who will try to persuade you into taking a small amount of money without any claim. You may also find yourself trying to sort out legal procedures and in the middle of police investigation. But if you were safe in the bicycle accident, all things will get settled down in no time at all.