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Parking lot accidents and injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most people run errands each week without ever thinking that they could be hurt in a parking lot accident. However, these incidents can leave pedestrians and other drivers with serious injuries and can cause significant property damage.

Accident overview

Usually, when there is an accident in a parking lot, the vehicle that is moving at the time of the incident is at fault. It’s important for the driver to share his or her contact information with the victim, including his or her name, phone number and email address.

It’s also important for the victim to receive medical attention if needed. Some injuries from a parking lot accident may not be immediately apparent, like whiplash and concussions.

If the victim is able to take photos of the vehicle and landmarks, that can be helpful when making a claim against the driver. Also, the victim may want to ask witnesses for a statement and their contact information. Some parking lots also have security cameras, which can help when making a claim to demonstrate how the accident occurred.

Avoiding injuries

Drivers can avoid causing a serious accident by remembering to drive slowly through parking lots. If a driver has a newer vehicle with rearview technology, it’s helpful to use that to avoid hitting a pedestrian crossing behind his or her vehicle. For vehicles without that technology, they can use the side and rearview mirrors to check for passing pedestrians.

If an individual is hit by a car, he or she can face expensive medical bills and may lose time away from work in order to heal. An experienced attorney can provide advice and pursue a claim on the injured person’s behalf.