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Tips for Staying Safe during summer to avoid Injury

Whether you spend your holidays in the sea, in the mountains, or at home, it is very likely that you will enjoy this free time to bathe. Whether you are on a river or at sea, on a boat or pedal boat, learn to avoid the risk of accidents during swimming or the practice of a nautical leisure. Swimming, sun, aperitif, barbecue activities during the long holidays expose the families to situations at risk. Simple precautions are enough to avoid them.

  • Stings – Insect bites, bites of marine animals or bites. Learn how to protect yourself for this summer. The bite or sting of an animal can be painful and may require care. Mosquito, bee, wasp, tick, marine animal, snake. How to prevent these accidents and how to relieve them?
  • Drowning – is the leading cause of accidental childhood deaths, drowning causes the death of about 100 children each year. Drowning in a swimming pool can occur due to lack of surveillance and the presence of a controlled safety device.
  • Heatstroke – As a result of prolonged exposure to heat, it causes overheating of the body, which results in high fever, redness of the face, headache, intense thirst, vomiting and consciousness disorders. Be especially careful not to over-cover the children when it is scorching. Make sure that they do not stay in direct sunlight. Also, avoid poorly ventilated or overheated premises. Let them stay hydrated by drinking enough water, even if they do not thirst!
  • Accidents related to the use of a barbecue. Children account for 15% of the victims of these accidents, one-third of who require hospitalization. To avoid being part of more than 200 severe annual barbecue accidents, follow our advice.
  • Poisoning. It is necessary to pay attention to the nature of the plants that are present in your garden. Some may cause poisonings such as skin or eye irritation, allergies, or even sores. Check out our list of toxic plants in the backyard.
  • In the case of hiking, it is necessary to protect the children from the sun and to shoe well to prevent them from slipping. They must never walk alone, either ahead of their parents or be lagging behind.
  • Open windows are also a danger for children, especially in summer. Every year, 250 of them defend themselves, 10% of them do not survive the fall. To reduce the risk, always close the windows of the rooms where the toddlers are. Do not place furniture or objects that can be used as a step under a window.

Festivals in the summer: alcohol abuse, unconsciousness

Due to an alcohol abuse or for any other reason, festival-goers may sometimes have an unexpected “failure” and the intervention of a third party can help him. Calm him down and offer him to lie on his side. Isolate it from the cold and cover it. Talk to him to keep him alert if possible. Above all: never leave it alone.

The right to Comprehensive Harm

A medical examination is initiated and entrusted by the insurer to one of its medical advisors, and by the medical report evaluating the occurrence; the insurer must make an offer of compensation within five months from the date who was informed of the consolidation of the victim of the bodily injury.

A victim of an accident has the right to full reparation of the damages suffered, this is a fundamental principle. Faced with the medical expertise that will determine the extent of the bodily injury and the prejudices suffered, victims of accidents (traffic, medical, domestic, offenses) are mostly unprepared and deprived such compensation.

The risks of impartiality and inequality between the insurer (who will have to pay) and the victim are not without consequence for the victim of an accident and bodily injury. Most often the victim of a bodily injury is not assisted by his medical adviser and presents himself alone to the convocation of the insurer’s medical adviser, although the law requires the insurer to inform the victim that may be assisted by a medical officer and a lawyer.

Often the victim of an accident is convinced by the arguments of some insurers who try to dissuade him from attending a lawyer by invoking fees and attorney’s fees and may, according to them, slow down his compensation.

The victim, who does not have an attorney-at-law or a specialized lawyer at his side, is not then in a position to challenge the medical assessment or the compensation proposed by the insurance. A victim of personal injury assisted by a specialized lawyer ensures the control of his file by a professional who will help him and bring the case before the Justice. It is in the interest of victims of bodily injury to resort to the courts to determine the compensation they are entitled to.

The necessity of combining lawyer-doctor counseling of casualties and the use of Justice is regularly verified in the files of compensation of victims of bodily injury. It is recommended to choose selected law firm like Long Island Defense Attorney focusing on the defense of casualties in disputes relating to traffic accidents, medical accidents, sports accidents, workplace accidents, or in the event of a dispute with your insurer.

For a real efficiency in the handling of the case, a substantial experience of the insurance is necessary as well as a sound knowledge of jurisprudence and the legislative evolutions in the area of the responsibility of the accident and the defense of the victims.