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Nursing Home Abuse

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2017 | Nursing Home Abuse |

Hire a personal injury lawyer for nursing home abuse

When no one is available at home to look after the needs of elder parents, children send them to nursing homes. Once parents are settled, children are confident that they are in good hands. But reports from the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), revealed six million cases of elder abuse every year. If your parents are victims of nursing home abuse, you know what to do.

Common types of nursing home abuse

  • Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is an intentional infliction of physical harm on a resident including the withholding prescribed medications, or administering prohibited medications.

  • Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is causing flare-up of negative emotions of anguish, anxiety, fear or other undesirable mental state.

  • Financial Exploitation

Due to failing eyesight or mental capacity, elderly people are particularly susceptible to fraud and exploitation. It can be bank account/credit card account theft, scams, and healthcare fraud..

  • Sexual Abuse

An inescapable reality is that nursing home residents sometimes become the victims of sexual abuse.

What to do when your parents or family-member is subject to hone abuse.

After your personal investigation and inquiry and you saw it was the fault of the nursing home, let them compensate for the damage. Be sure to gather all the evidence. Use your mobile to take pictures and interview people with the same experience. Give all evidence to your lawyer for he knows what to do.

Get the load off your shoulders: hire a personal injury lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is the legal representative of persons who claimed to be

the victims of physically or psychologically injury that results from the negligence or wrongdoing of a person, company, agency of the government and other entity. He is adept in covering civil wrongs, specifically the economic and non-economic damages that destroyed the person’s health, property, reputation or rights.

Under the Negligence Law, any person responsible for an accident is obliged legally to compensate injured victim for any consequence. The purpose of this law is to give an injured victim adequate remuneration to make-up for any physical and mental damages caused by the accident.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer

Victims of physical or psychological injuries due to the neglectfulness or mistakes of an individual, an entity as a company, agency of government hires a personal injury lawyer to act as their legal representation to seek for redress. Tort law is the area most personal injury lawyer practiced.


Personal injury lawyers face manifold responsibilities in servicing their clients. These duties cover wide areas in both the ethical and professional levels. 

1. Conducts interviews with incoming clients and makes the evaluation to decide on the legal matter, pinpoint the issues caused by the plaintiff and analyze these issues to build a valid case.

2. Helps plaintiffs obtain compensation for their losses.

3. Personal injury lawyer has to follow strict standards following legal ethics when dealing with clients.

4. He gives to client’s extreme loyalty while observing the strictest confidentiality in dealing with all matters. He works to protect the best interest of clients.

In most cases, the settlement of the plaintiff and the defender does not reach the court. It is settled outside the court where the defender pays the plaintiff the amount agreed upon. From the amount, a percentage is paid to the lawyer. The lawyer’s fees are paid depending upon their agreement. If the case is lost, personal injury lawyer gets nothing. So he has the best motivation to win the case.