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Autumn Driving Safety

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When the air becomes refreshing and the leaves start to change into beautiful hues of red, orange, purple and yellow you may like to go on fall foliage drives to see amazing colors of autumn. 

Before heading to the road the most important thing you need to know is some fall driving tips.

People think that the most dangerous season for driving is winter but fall season also has hazards. Some essential points to ponder before igniting your vehicle for a ride in fall are as follows:

1. Be careful of the fallen leaves

Fall is the season when the leaves on the trees fall. While traveling on the roads you will experience that the roads will be covered by the fallen leaves. Freshly fallen leaves on the road cause all sorts of troubles. If your roadway is covered with moist leaves, there are ample chances that your vehicle might slip, especially when it is slightly high terrain or a curvy traveling path. On the other hand, the dry leaves can hinder your vision if you are traveling through a windy zone. These dry leaves are light enough to be carried by the wind. They can either cover your windscreen, posterior view or can get stuck in under vehicle parts. It is also significant to avoid parking near the pile of dry leaves as they are flammable and can catch fire easily.

2. Avoid going into dark areas:

Fall comes with early sunsets and lesser visibility. It is important that one should not travel after sunsets especially when you are traveling on an unknown path. Watch out for curves, and inclined roads. Be careful while driving through populated areas. Lesser visibility can be a real challenge on a road where the driver comes across several pedestrians, cyclists, and even motorists.

3. Icy roads can be challenging:

In some parts of the country, snowfall is experienced even during the months of fall that is October and November. People in certain elevated areas might experience it in the late September also.  In such areas, the falling leaves and the snow together become a real driving challenge. In this condition, it is important to check your brakes and keep your lights in perfect shape. Snow tires can prevent the vehicle from slipping. You might see puddles of water that are actually transparent ice. Be vigilant while moving across them.

4. Keep your vehicle in perfect shape:

Your safety rests in your hand. As you leave your home, make sure that your vehicle is in good shape. Get your car inspected before the fall is actually there. Keep a close eye on fluids, tire pressure, windshield wipers, brakes, and engine. All these together add to the life of the vehicle and make it easy to drive in the fall.

Seasonal changes are part of our lives. They are part of the natural phenomenon and cannot be avoided. Life can be made easier by adhering to some easy to follow steps. This can make life easier and protect you from major accidents.

Happy fall driving!