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Long Island Car Accident Attorney – Driving Safe on Thanksgiving

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The Festive season is in the air as the Thanksgiving holidays are approaching. Everyone is ready to pack up and start the travel to reach to their loved ones; enjoy the long holidays with the family and friends while relishing the delicious turkey dinner. As millions will hit the road for shopping and preparation for the holiday or traveling to reach to their family homes, the traffic load will increase and the risk of accidents will also rise. There are important reminders for the drivers to keep in mind while driving on the busy roads and heavy traffic.

Planning Ahead

Being a long weekend, almost everyone would plan to travel to distant places to enjoy the time and as a result, there would more vehicles on the roads and increased traffic volume. To cope with the situation and to avoid any unnecessary causality, you should plan the route of travel ahead of time. You can plan to leave early, decide for the safest route, dive sober, and be aware of others on the road. You should be mentally ready for any delays on the road because of heavy traffic and should never panic.

Never Drink and Drive

Although you can have fun and festivities with a couple of drink but be very alert if you have planned to drive after the party. Many accidents happen on the festive holidays only because the drivers had bit more drinks and they had to drive back home afterward. Be aware of other such distracted drivers on the road as well and maintain a distance.

Buckle Up the Kids Carefully

Kids are your greatest asset, do not ignore little safety tips even on the happy holiday’s long drives. Inspect the seat belts properly as most of the accidents happen because the child’s seat belts are not used correctly. You should keep in mind that this is the most important time to tie and cross-check the seat belts of kids and guide them about the driving hazards.

Car Maintenance

Check and do the necessary maintenance of your car and make sure that it’s in good condition before starting a road trip.

Be Ready to Cope with Emergency

If you are planning to drive along a route you must prepare and carry emergency first aid kit and supplies with you. Check the weather forecast along the route to plan accordingly.

Follow the Traffic Rules

Although this sounds like a routine instruction on the Thanksgiving holidays while driving in the middle of huge traffic, following the traffic rules and road sign is the essential thing for the safety of you and your family. Take proper rest, be alert on the road, avoid unnecessary high speed and be attentive to the road rules. If you face any car trouble during the travel, do not ignore it!

Make Stops to Rest

If you have planned a long trip you must take stops frequently to rest and refresh yourself. This will help in keeping you alert and active while driving.