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Long Island Personal Injury Attorney – Malpractice Lawsuit

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Mistakes made by any professional have serious consequences, law and order allows the victim to get paid for damages. A malpractice lawsuit is always a complex issue, if you or any member of your family has faced serious injuries or fatal health issues due to the negligence of healthcare professional, Laws in New York City allow you to file Malpractice Lawsuit to get the justice.

What is a Malpractice Lawsuit?

Every health care professional has to follow certain rules and regulations regarding the provided healthcare facilities, if any medical professional does not abide by the rules and standards they may cause an injury to the patients. If you or anyone from your family has to faced serious injuries due to the misconduct or the negligence of a medical professional you have every right to claim the malpractice lawsuit against him or her. Every state has its own rules and laws in this matter and if you reside in New York, you must be aware of the basics of the Laws related to the medical malpractice lawsuit. If a malpractice lawsuit goes to court it may take months or years of pre-trial investigations to find proof if the physician is actually guilt of malpractice in handling your case.

New York Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations

Every state has its own rules and limitations for the injured or harmed patient to wait before filing a malpractice lawsuit. This is called the statute of limitations and according to the New York medical malpractice law, the time to file the case starts when the medical malpractice case takes place or at the end of the treatments that caused the injury to the patients due to medical negligence of the professional. If a malpractice case happens to cause the injuries to you, you can file a lawsuit against him/her within two and half years from that time. On the other hand, there is an exception for the patients who had suffered from a foreign object in their body due to the carelessness of the doctor. They can file the case after the two years when depending on when they found out about the faulty foreign object.

When to contact an Attorney?

The person who suffered from a malpractice case has to contact an expert medical malpractice attorney immediately after the injury occurred. As soon as the case is filed the attorney will be able to collect all the required data, information and the details which are needed to support the lawsuit and make your case stronger.

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