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What is DWI? Legal limits and rights

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Generally, we all know that driving while intoxicated is a serious crime in the road laws. The intake of alcohol beyond the limit can cause the blurring of vision while driving and can affect your judgment, vigilance, and coordination which may result in the accident.  Especially if you are in New York City, you have to be very careful. If you are caught driving while drunk you not only will face consequences, you can injure yourself and others around you. In New York, drunk driving is formally called ‘Driving while intoxicated’ (DWI), which is a serious crime. The laws in NY can suspend your driving license, impose the heavy fine or even put you in jail if found guilty.

Legal Limits and Rights

There are many factors on which the DWI penalties depend, such as

    Age of the Driver (The driver under 21 year with BAC of 0.02 are considered serious violation of laws)

    The substance utilized by the driver, resulting impairment (Drugs or Alcohol)

    The kind of Driving License

    Body weight

    Gender of the driver

The DWI in New York is legally determined by the blood alcohol concentration or BAC. If you are caught and suspected of DWI, the state takes your BAC and if the alcohol level is 0.08 percent or above you will be charged guilty. The BAC limit for the commercial driver is 0.04, and the reason is that the ability to diving properly is impaired by the alcohol and can cause the serious accidents and injury. Breaking the drinking and driving laws of New York has serious consequences and can result in the suspension of the license, expensive fines or even jailed for a certain period of time.

The victim of the negligence of a drunk driver has every right to file a case for the compensation for their personal injuries. The person who faced damage due to the reckless driving of a drunk driver must immediately consult an expert personal injury attorney to seek compensatory losses such as pain, suffering, medical treatment’s expenditures and economic loss. A highly expert personal injury attorney works to obtain a fair settlement for your claim in the light of the law. If a person gets injured or killed due to the negligence of the intoxicated driver, he can be convicted for the criminal act of homicide and vehicular assault which resulted in the heavy penalties or jail. He or she will also have a criminal record which makes it harder to get a job in future.

Don’t ruin your life over alcohol – take a uber, taxi, walk or get ride from a friend.