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The Importance Of Building Permits on Long Island

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2018 | Negligence |

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If you are on Long Island you must obtain town building codes and permits before starting the construction of any home addition or if you want to plan for any commercial building additions.

What are the Town Building Codes?

Each town, city, and village in Long Island have different codes and permit rules with the different permit fees which are related to the specific area and must be obtained before starting any construction. The codes and permits are an essential part of the construction, selling and legalization and the person who owns the property must seek for the required permit from the respective department, lack of which can hold up the construction or sale. Syosset, Town Of Oyster Bay, Nassau and Suffolk County and all of Long Island has building codes that need to be followed.

Why are the Town Building Codes and Permits important?

If you do not reach the town building codes you could be leaving yourself open to a lawsuit. If your new construction does not meet safety standards and someone is inured in your home or building you are liable.  After getting the permit, the owner of the property can start the construction work and after completion of the work, the Town authorities inspect if the construction was done according to the allowed local building codes and permits. Usually, the before the closing of any permit an approval based inspection is done by the authority, after passing these inspection criteria, the certificate of completion is issued.

How to Avoid the Negligence Lawsuit?

In Long Island, the property owner, whether commercial or residential, owes a responsibility to take care of the neighbors and guests. It means that the negligence laws require the safest condition of the property maintained by the property owner. If there will be any mishap, accident or injury caused by the unsafe conditions due to the negligence of a property owner he will face a lawsuit. Sometimes, there can be certain unavoidable circumstances that can cause the danger to the passerby and visitors so there should be proper warning signs and precautions from the owner to warn the people.

Why Use a Licensed General Contractor?

Having a licensed general contractor is must on Long Island and its absence can cause severe criminal liabilities as well as civil penalties. Prevent personal injury lawsuits by following your towns laws. It is not worth the risk to take short cuts or to avoid permits.

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