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Construction Accidents

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Long Island Personal Injury Attorney – Construction Accidents 

Construction and building are one of the most prominent industries in the United States. There are many residential and commercial construction projects on Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Infrastructural projects by the government such as highways, tunnels, roads, airports are a booming industry right now.  There are many electricians, laborers, carpenters, mechanics, painters, masons, plumbers and many more workers of different trades who are working day and night to support their families. What happens if any of these workers face a personal injury accident while on job? Does he or she get any compensation according to the NY rules and regulations? Here you will get all the important information you need.

Construction Accidents on Long Island NY

The construction industry has proven to be a high-risk industry. Workers who face serious injury or accidents suffer the consequences including pain, medical bills and financial crisis which can all leads to stress, anxiety and depression. Some of the most common construction accidents that happen on Long Island that can cause serious injury are crane accidents, scaffolding accidents, falling from heights, machinery accidents, struck by an object, explosion, electric short circuits, and exposure to toxins or harmful gases.

Why to Contact Personal Injury Attorney after a Construction Accidents?

The federal and state regulation laws provide workers with adequate rights of protection while working on a job site. These protections are supposed to be granted from either your employer, the building owner, general contractor or property developer. If any worker faces a personal injury in a construction accident he can claim compensation that is due to him. To get the monetary compensation your deserve immediately contact a personal injury attorney. Long Island Personal Injury Attorneys provide the best and expert legal help to injured workers. We having been bringing justice to those in need through legal litigation, settlements and lawsuits.

How Does A Personal Injury Attorney Help with Construction Accidents?

When a worker is injured in a construction accident, he or she must look for the legal matters that can enable him to sue for adequate compensation for the injuries endured. Even if a worker is injured due to his or her own negligence, a case can still be filed. Benefits such as medical expenses and weekly payments can be awarded to the workers if an attorney is there to guide you through the process. If an injured worker seeks the help and guidance of an expert personal injury attorney they have the best chances of receiving the maximum compensation for their injuries.

At Brian J. Levy and Associate we have been working on construction accident cases for over 15 years. We understand it is a very stressful, painful and difficult time for both the injured and their families. We work with you to help get you what you deserve.