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Back To School Safety Tips

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Long Island Personal Injury Attorney – Back to School Safety Tips

The summer break has ended, and kids are back to school. Apart from other back to school tips and preparations, have you thought about refreshing the information related to safety and self care to your kids! Usually the parents are more concerned about the violence and bullying as important matters to deal in school safety, but research proves that school kids are more likely to get injured while traveling to and from school.  These unintentional injuries are caused by negligence and accidents that may happen while crossing the road, getting on the school bus or even while on the school bus. To keep your kids safe from sudden accidents or injuries, make sure to refresh your children on back to school driving safety tips.

Inform You Kids About the Important Traffic Rules for Pedestrians:

Your child must be aware of the basic traffic rules and road safety tips. You should make it clear to him or her about how to cross the road safely, what are the traffic signals, how pedestrians cross the road and streets, about road signs and how to seek help from traffic officers.

  • If Your Kid Rides A Bike or Scooter Tell Him/her Aware of Safety rules:

Make sure that your kids wear helmet that is produced according to set safety standards, fits snuggly and is worn correctly with straps fastened. Helmets help prevent the head injury if an accident occurs or if your child simply falls off their bicycle. Bike accidents happen all the time on Long Island, if you have been injured in a bicycle accident contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

  • Make the Kids Aware of The Rules of Getting on a School Bus:

They should always reach the school bus stop earlier than time. Always stop and wait for the bus to reach a complete stop before stepping off the sidewalk. Children must never bend down in front of the school bus to tie shoe or pick up something. Your kids should also know about how to get off the school bus safely, cross the roads and streets after getting off.

  • Ask Your Child to Stay Safe Inside the School Bus:

The injury may occur if your child is not carefully sitting inside the school bus. Remind them to stay seated during the travel and keep their hands and head inside while bus is moving on the road. Although it may not be “cool” encourage your children to wear their seatbelts while on the school bus. Long Island roads can be dangerous and a seatbelt can save your child’s life.

  • Your Child Must Know the Important Contact Numbers:

In case of any emergency the child should know where to call for help and what to do. Have a list of important phone numbers that your child can easily access, like inside their backpack or lunch box.

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