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Halloween Driving Safety Tips!

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Long Island Personal Injury Attorney – Fall Hazardous Road Conditions and Driving Safety

Fall is here and apart from the scenic beauty of this weather, there are many hazardous conditions related to it for drivers. As Halloween is just around the corner, people will plan some adventure trips, nights-out and fun excursion but there are certain safety measures that you must keep in mind while going for the ultimate fun tour on the festive days to come on Long Island.

Falling and Wet Leaves:

Although the fall leaves enhance the natural beauty and charm of the season while you drive through the countryside, they also cause dangerous road conditions and potential car accidents. The weather condition changes unpredictably in fall and wet leaves can be extremely hazardous. The leaves fall due to windy days, fog rolls in at any time, blurring the vision of drivers and lowering visibility on the roads. Heavy rain and windy conditions can cause trees and limbs to fall, leaves to blow around and roads can become slippery and hazardous.

Shorter Day Timing:

The change of season means the days are going to be shorter than expected and darkness comes earlier. Therefore, try to plan your day and time accordingly…longer road trips- start earlier so you don’t end up driving in the dark. Make sure your car lights are working and always turned up before sunset, during rain and fog.

Get a Pre-Drive Inspection:

If you are planning for a road journey for a fun trip, get a detailed pre-drive inspection of your car to see if your car is in good condition. This can save yourself and family from many hazardous problems while traveling on road. You must check your tires, lights, indicators and the fluid level of engine.

Frost in The Darkness:

The shady patches at the highways when the day is turning into night can be very dangerous for drivers. The frost can be invisible and cause slippery roads. Observe the speed limit rules, slow down at the shady turns and be careful while driving in darkness. Many runners and bikers will continue to ride on the roads through the fall season. They may be less visible so be on high alert and keep your eyes open. In suffolk county deer crossing can also be a big issue during dusk.

Fog in Fall:

Fog in the fall looks mesmerizing when you are enjoying a walk, but for drivers this can cause a dangerous situation. Fog is mostly found in the low-lying areas, hills, trees, or mountainous areas. Many car accidents happen in fog due to limited visibility on the road. Don’t drive too fast in fog and use extra caution. Make sure you have your fog lights on and stay alert.

Kids in Streets for Halloween:

As it’s festive season, you must be more careful on road. Kids are running around the street excited to fill their halloween bags with candy. It is your responsibility as driver to drive extra slow in residential areas, stop at every stop sign and pay attention to all of the children running about. Halloween on Long Island is a joyous time, slowing down will ensure that everyone stays safe.

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