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NYC Taxi Cab Accidents

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Personal Injury Attorney – All that You Need to Know about the NYC Taxi Cab Accidents

The hustle and bustle of NYC can be quite appealing. Everyone running from one place to the next… school, work, broadway shows, shopping and more. Something that we often don’t think about are the risks for potential accidents. If you have been to NYC then you know that the yellow taxi cab has no immunity to car accidents.  You can be in an accident with a yellow taxi cab while you are catching a ride, crossing a street or driving yourself around the city.  Taxi cab accidents happen every day, make sure you are prepared and know who to call and how to handle the situation. 

The Frequency of Taxi accidents in NYC:

According to recent statistics, around 8,000 to 10,000 accidents happen on NYC roads every year due to the taxis. These accidents proved to be fatal or dangerous for the people who rode the taxi and for the pedestrians around the taxi.  Cab drivers can be suspended if they are proven guilty for breaking traffic rules and regulations or are involved in violation. If you frequently visit New York City or live in NYC or the surrounding boroughs then you should be aware of your legal rights. If you have been involved or become victim of any such accident by a yellow taxi cab call 516-496-1777 immediately.  

What are Your Rights in Cab Taxi Accidents?

Whenever you get involved in a taxi cab accident you would need to have enough evidence and witnesses to prove the liability and damages. You may have to defend yourself against the negligence claim of the cab taxi company. Taking photos is very important to help prove your case. The major issue will be most likely the amount of damages especially if you were the passenger in a cab who was injured. Soon after the accident, try to get the contact details of the witnesses. This will help your personal injury attorney get testimonies for your legal proceedings. You must also contact the police immediately to get the official report that will help you in the legal liability of the case in the future. The photographs of the scene can be great help in winning your liability case. You must consult a legal advisor or lawyer who has great experience to handle your case with skill. You can consult Personal Injury Attorney  Brian J. Levy to get a proper guidelines and legal help with confidence.

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