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Driver runs after hitting and killing pedestrian

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

New York cities are crowded and busy and even the slightest misstep can end in injury or tragedy. Sometimes the tragedy can be the death of an innocent passerby or pedestrian. ABC claims this was the case with a young man who was killed by a driver who then fled the scene.

The young man was a father and construction worker who was returning home from visiting a friend on a Sunday evening when he was hit by the car. Although he was rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible, he later succumbed to the injuries caused by the accident and died at the hospital. After the driver hit him, the man was left with grave injuries on the pavement and because the driver ran, it was not clear who called emergency services.

The deceased man’s mother and 11-year-old son were grieving the senseless loss right before Father’s Day. Law enforcement officials released details about the vehicle and later adjusted them after obtaining more information. It was not clear why the driver was in the way of a pedestrian or if alcohol or other substances were involved.

While police work to find the driver and determine if a crime was committed, a family is left without an income and grieving the loss of a vital person in their lives. As they attempt to increase their income, pay off medical bills and grieve for their family member, they may have a case of wrongful death against the driver of the car. When the driver is located, the family may benefit from consulting a personal injury attorney to discuss the case.