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Why do drowsy drivers impact your safety?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

New York streets are almost always bustling and full of people. Unfortunately, crowded cities increase your chances of running into dangerous drivers. Today we will take a look at how a drowsy driver can impact your safety on the road. 

First of all, drowsy driving is a form of distracted driving. Distracted drivers all share certain risky driving behaviors. Some examples may include: 

  • Being incapable of reacting to danger in quick time 
  • Lowered attention span 
  • Poor hand-eye coordination 
  • Slower reflexes 

Looking at this list reveals that a drowsy driver is a driver who is not fully “mentally present”. Key components of safe driving include keeping your eyes and mind on the road and keeping your hands on the wheel. Drowsy driving robs a driver of their ability to do these things well. 

How does this impact you as a driver in another vehicle or a pedestrian? In essence, a drowsy driver will not be keeping an eye out for you. They will not be checking on their surroundings for safety’s sake. They will not be able to react fast enough if something happens to put you in their path with little warning. The danger rises exponentially if they end up falling asleep at the wheel. This renders them incapable of reacting to their surroundings at all, which can spell disaster for other drivers. 

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