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How can traumatic brain injuries alter your life?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

New York residents who get involved in crashes may end up with traumatic brain injuries. Called TBI for short, these injuries can have a lasting impact on a victim. Victims suffer on a physical, mental and emotional level. Today we will look at some of the ways victim’s lives change.

Mayo Clinic breaks down the impact of traumatic brain injuries. These injuries affect victims depending on the damaged area of the brain. For example, frontal cortex injuries often result in weak impulse control. The frontal cortex is what provides you with the ability to curb your knee-jerk responses. Without it, people are more likely to behave in a rash and unpredictable way.

A victim’s personality can change as well. Many find themselves feeling easy to agitate and irritate. Some begin to lash out at those around them. Others develop an explosive temper. This is not only difficult for the victim to handle, but hard on their loved ones as well.

Memory can also take a heavy hit. Victims can suffer from different degrees of memory loss. This can include both long and short term loss, though short term is more common. Some victims recover their memory function over time. Others have to readjust to accommodate their memory problems. This can add more emotional strain and distress, which can cause a victim to lash out even more.

Over time, many TBI victims will be able to adjust to life after the accident. They are able to recover. However, the road is difficult and taxing on many levels. Since it can also be a financial drain, many seek financial compensation.