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Work-related fatigue and the risk of a bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

We know that many bicyclists enjoy riding their bikes to work, whether they want to get exercise, help the environment or simply enjoy this activity. Others have no choice because they do not have a vehicle and are unable to take public transportation. Either way, the risk of an accident is always present, especially when people ride their bicycle long distances, near busy roads or during the early morning hours and rush hour. Moreover, some bicyclists struggle with fatigue and many drivers do as well. Fatigue results in many bicycle accidents across the country. 

Whether someone works overtime, struggles to adjust to a demanding schedule or performs very strenuous tasks during the day, worker fatigue arises for a lot of reasons. This fatigue often creates other concerns in life, such as health problems, stress, sleep disorders and even a higher chance of an accident on the road. Moreover, even when bicyclists are not struggling with any fatigue, they are at risk of a serious accident if someone driving a vehicle is suffering from fatigue. This is especially likely for bicyclists who ride to and from work during hectic hours, since many drivers are fatigued during these times. 

A driver who has to wake up very early to go to work or is in a rush to get home after a long day is more likely to collide with a bicyclist. Unfortunately, fatigue is often difficult to pinpoint, but drowsy drivers who collide with bicyclists cannot get away with their behavior and we talk about traffic accidents in more detail on our site.