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What to do if you are in a multi-car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Identifying the driver at fault in a two-car crash on New York roadways is often a simple process. If a car hit you from behind, ran a red light or sideswiped you while trying to pass, they are at fault. However, in crashes that involve several cars, determining who caused the pile-up is challenging. We often represent clients injured in auto accidents, helping them get the care and compensation they deserve. 

R&R Insurance Services reports that determining fault in multi-car crashes is a complex process. Here are steps you can take to help avoid further damage if you get caught in one. 

Tips to protect yourself 

In most situations, it is critical that you and your passengers stay in the car with seatbelts fastened. Even if it looks like the event is over, there are still several vehicles in various conditions nearby. If additional cars crash into stopped or damaged autos, it can affect your safety. Other vehicles may hit yours several more times as a result of secondary crashes. Law enforcement or EMTs will let you know when you can exit the car. 

Put your hazards lights on. If the weather is poor or the accident is at night, visibility is low. Turning on the flashing lights can ensure emergency personnel can see you. 

Once you can exit the car and you are safe, take a few moments to collect your thoughts and record observations before, during and after the crash. 

Seek medical treatment 

Allow an evaluation by onsite EMTs or seek medical treatment immediately. If you or your passengers sustained injuries, you might not realize it until after the adrenaline wears off. Receiving medical care immediately after the accident can help prevent further harm.