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Safe riding practices for more control of a motorcycle

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

New motorcycle riders in New York share the anticipation of adventure and thrill. Their focus on developing the skills and competence to operate their bike with control and confidence may lessen their risk of getting hurt in an accident. 

People may choose to participate in a skills course designed to provide education and experience about how to react in certain situations. They may also learn from reviewing best practices and setting aside time to become more comfortable on their bike in a space that is free of other vehicle traffic. 

Finding the perfect fit 

What inexperienced motorcycle enthusiasts may not realize is how critical a customized bike is for their height and size. A well-fitted motorcycle will feel natural to ride because its features appropriately fit the rider’s foot placement and arm placement and provide optimal visibility. According to, a properly adjusted motorcycle contributes to the rider’s ability to control his or her bike which means added safety. With comfort and control on their side, riders can confidently enjoy a stable ride. 

Learning the right skills suggests some helpful safety skills for riders to be aware of including to hang behind when a light turns green if they are at the front of the intersection. The purpose of this method is if a reckless or distracted driver blows through a red light, the vehicles on either side of a motorcycle may provide protection. If a motorcycle is the first one out of the gate and someone runs a red light, the results could be fatal. Other tips include practicing awareness of road hazards, surface conditions and the behavior of other drivers. Riders who constantly scan the road around them may more effectively recognize danger before it is too late.