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Motorcycles and vehicles can share the road safely

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When the weather is nice, the number of motorcycles on the road surges. Along with this surge is an increase in accidents, and many of them are serious, if not fatal, for motorcycle riders.

Both motorists and motorcyclists have a responsibility to respect each other’s presence on the road and follow certain guidelines.

Motorcycle riders’ responsibilities

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are typically the ones who receive injuries or die from a crash. In fact, the chances of dying are 28 times more for riders than for motorists. One of the reasons is because it is more challenging to ride a motorcycle, which is why riders should complete a safety class or education course and practice riding in a controlled space.

Another reason for wrecks is that some riders speed and operate the motorcycle recklessly. Alcohol use is also a common cause of fatal accidents.

Motorcyclists need to understand that it is hard for other drivers to see them because of their size. Riders should wear bright and reflective clothing and use headlights to be more visible. They should also ride defensively. The use of helmets and protective clothing also helps to reduce serious and fatal injuries.

Tips for motor vehicle operators

According to the National Safety Council, other motor vehicle operators are often at fault when there is a collision with a motorcycle. Not only are motorcycles harder to see, but drivers also are not aware to look for them on the road. To help reduce accidents, drivers should do a better job of checking blind spots and looking for motorcycles before turning or changing lanes. Drivers also do not do a good job of understanding or anticipating a rider’s movements, which can lead to accidents.