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What should I do if a car hit me while I was in a crosswalk?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Using the crosswalk provides some protection as you navigate New York City streets. However, drivers continue to strike law-abiding pedestrians, most notably due to speeding and left-hand turns.

After a collision, any of these actions may help you to recover physically and financially from damages you sustain.

Gathering evidence

Your first impulses after a vehicle hits you may be adrenaline-driven, and responding the wrong way could do more damage. Anger, fear and confusion are common and completely understandable reactions. Taking some deep breaths may help. Getting up quickly or yelling at the driver could be counterproductive.

Assess your condition before you move. Consider that adrenaline and shock typically mask pain at first, and you could have serious injuries that you may not discover for hours or even days. If you can, though, you should move out of the street to lower the risk of further accidents.

Call law enforcement and, if you can, stay there until an officer arrives to create a report. You will need this report when you seek compensation for your injuries later.

Ask the driver who hit you for contact and insurance information, take pictures of the scene and ask witnesses for contact information. Witnesses may also be willing to take pictures for you if you are unable to take them yourself.

Seeking medical attention

Do not wait to seek medical attention. If your injuries appear serious, call emergency services. Even if you do not think they are bad, you should see a doctor right away. Head trauma, broken bones and internal injuries need immediate treatment to prevent further damage.

Filing a claim

You will need to file a report with the insurance company. You do not have to provide a full accounting of the accident. Instead, provide only the details: the driver who hit you and the location, day and time of the accident. Many people rely on their attorney to provide the insurance company with a full statement and accounting of the accident, along with evidence such as the police report, medical bills and other proof of damages.

The city may also be liable for your damages if a faulty signal or some other defect could have been a contributing factor. Wait for an investigation rather than assuming the driver was the only at-fault party.

If the insurance company does not provide you with a fair settlement offer, you may be better off taking your case to court.