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What should new riders know about motorcycle safety?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you are a new motorcycle owner, you are probably excited to get on the road. While riding can be a fun and freeing experience, it is not without its risks. That is why it is crucial that new riders are properly informed before taking off.

Having the right motorcycle safety gear is an essential aspect of remaining safe and secure. Here are a few of the essential items that can protect you in the event of a crash with a negligent or distracted driver.


Helmets are mandatory when riding a motorcycle in the state of New York and for good reason. Wearing a helmet greatly reduces your risk of experiencing a fatality during a crash. However, it is crucial that you purchase a helmet that is approved by the DOT to ensure it is been properly tested. A helmet should also provide ample cover for your face and head and should fit appropriately for the highest level of protection.


Jackets must be made out of sturdy, rugged materials. This has traditionally included leather, but things like kevlar can also provide sufficient protection. Riding with short sleeves may cause massive injuries if you are involved in a crash. In the same respect, motorcyclists should also wear long pants also made from tough materials to protect the legs.


Non-skid boots are key to properly grip the pavement when stopping. Ankle support is equally important. Ankle support ensures sufficient maneuvering and prevents when making turns or coming to a stop. Never wear toeless shoes or shoes made from flimsy materials when riding. Even if a crash does not occur, your feet could end up burned or scraped as you are operating the motorcycle.