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Overview of insurance coverage for Uber accident victims

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Connecting with transportation through the Uber application has become a normal activity for many NYC residents. Even so, your Uber driver’s insurance coverage may not be the top thing on your mind unless an accident happens. Suffering an injury while riding with an Uber driver or being hit by an Uber driver could place you in a complex insurance situation.

Your driver’s insurance is the primary coverage

The person providing your Uber ride works as an independent contractor. This means that the business relationship is between you and the driver. You must file your claim for damages against the personal automobile policy purchased by the driver. However, your driver may not have adequate coverage. People working as rideshare drivers are supposed to have an addendum to their personal policies called a rideshare rider. Without this extra coverage, you may not have any coverage available for your injuries. Although Uber has a policy that deactivates drivers without proper insurance coverage, your driver will not necessarily have it.

Uber has contingent liability coverage

The rideshare company does carry a contingent liability insurance policy. This coverage offers you a chance at collecting compensation if the driver’s insurance denied your claim.

What to do after an Uber accident

Documenting what happened could support your effort to recover damages later. If you are able at the time of the crash, obtain a copy of your driver’s primary insurance information. Report the accident to police as well. The Uber application also has a place to report an accident, and you should do this. If your claim does not go well with the driver’s personal policy, you will want to pursue compensation through Uber’s coverage.

Legal advice is often appropriate after a motor vehicle accident. An MVA attorney could provide unbiased information about your rights after an Uber accident. Legal services may help you identify the party or parties that should be responsible for paying for your medical expenses and other losses.