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What to know about road rage

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If you encounter an aggressive motorist on a New York road or highway, it is important to stay calm. Instead of engaging this person, make an effort to keep your distance from this individual while you call the police. Ideally, you will remain in your vehicle until help can arrive if you’re involved in a road rage accident.

What causes road rage to occur?

Road rage typically occurs in areas where traffic is congested and not moving quickly. During a traffic jam, drivers may feel as if their time is being wasted or will begin to panic about being late for work or other engagements. This may increase a person’s stress level and increase the likelihood that he or she will lash out at other nearby motorists. Individuals may be more likely to act inappropriately while in their vehicles because they feel a sense of anonymity while driving.

Common examples of road rage

Often, those who get angry while driving will pound their fists against the steering wheel or other interior surfaces. Alternatively, they may also yell at other motorists or make obscene gestures in their direction. In some cases, agitated motorists will use their vehicles as tools to annoy or hurt other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. For example, a driver may honk the horn, cut another vehicle off or intentionally strike another car.

If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver, an MVA attorney may help you obtain compensation for your injuries. It may also be possible to obtain a financial award for emotional distress and/or other damages related to the wreck. A lawyer may use medical records or witness statements to prove that the collision that caused your injuries was the result of the defendant’s careless or reckless actions.