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Protect yourself from impaired drivers

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While motorists cannot always tell when another driver is impaired, you should be able to spot the signs of drunk driving. Keeping your distance in this situation may help you avoid a serious auto accident.

These are the red flags that often indicate an impaired driver and steps you can take to stay safe.

Signs of DUI

Steer clear when you notice another motorist displaying erratic behavior. He or she may:

  • Travel on the wrong side of the road, make illegal turns or weave across lanes
  • Drive slowly, stop for no reason or fail to respond to traffic signals
  • Tailgate other drivers or otherwise act aggressively
  • Fail to signal or use headlights
  • Come close to hitting other vehicles, pedestrians or objects
  • Make illegal or sudden movements

Excessive speed and other reckless behavior increase the chances of an accident even if the driver has not been drinking.

Actions to take

Do not try to confront an impaired or aggressive driver. Stay as far away from the motorist as you safely can.

If you have a passenger, ask him or her to write down the make and model of the vehicle as well as the license plate number if visible. You can pull over and call 911 if you can find a safe place or ask your passenger to call and make a report.

If you or a family member does suffer a serious injury in a collision with a drunk driver, he or she has legal liability for your medical bills and other expenses. In New York, you must file this type of lawsuit within three years of the injury date.