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Are pedestrians at great risk for accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

New York car accidents don’t always involve collisions between vehicles. Pedestrians might become victims of a crash. A momentary mistake may lead a driver to hit someone crossing the street or elsewhere. Pedestrians benefit from being cautious while near traffic, but driver negligence could harm even the most alert walker, jogger, or bicyclist.

Pedestrians face many risks

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) released a sobering report that noted that upwards of 6,000 pedestrians died in auto incidents in 2017. Sadly, nothing indicates any changes that would result in fewer deaths. Streets and traffic lights have not undergone radical changes. However, technology continues to advance, which may contribute to more distractions. Crossing the street while wearing a headset and listening to music may decrease awareness. Even when the pedestrian has the right of way, a driver could commit a moving violation and hit the pedestrian.

Ironically, the driver might suffer from technology-derived distractions. The driver may be under the influence or fatigued. Regardless of the reason, a negligent driver could kill a pedestrian.

Pedestrians should think about safety

Pedestrians may benefit from being additionally careful when walking at night on busy roads. Walking around at night and under the influence might increase risks, as well. That said, even more “mundane” actions could increase dangers.

Jaywalking eliminates the potential protections afforded by stop signs and traffic lights, and ignoring lights and crossing the street on red might lead to a catastrophe.

Safety may increase when pedestrians treat vehicles with caution. Assuming a driver will see a pedestrian or operate a car safely is just an assumption. A driver could perform a grossly negligent moving violation without warning.

Pedestrian-car accidents might result in severe accidents or even fatalities. Contacting a lawyer after an incident might be advisable since seeking compensation may be necessary.