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Tight schedules blamed for delivery van driver accidents

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Delivery vans, especially those carrying Amazon packages, have become a common sight throughout the neighborhoods of New York. Retailer promises of fast delivery appear to result in delivery drivers cutting corners on safety behind the wheel due to their demanding schedules. The situation has resulted in injured drivers and other victims who were in vehicles that collided with delivery vans or trucks.

Accusations of forsaking safety for speed

A joint investigation by BuzzFeed News and ProPublica identified 60 motor vehicle accidents since 2015 involving just Amazon delivery vehicles. These crashes produced 13 deaths. The investigation attributed unsafe driving to a GPS app called Rabbit that the retail giant had its drivers use. The app allegedly directed drivers to make dangerous U-turns and left turns to save time. Overall, the investigation concluded that Amazon acted more interested in rapidly expanding its delivery fleet than promoting safety or vetting drivers.

Example of fatal delivery truck crash

A subcontractor driving a rented 26-foot box truck transporting Amazon packages admitted that he rear-ended a Jeep due to time pressure. He said that he was behind schedule and rushing. As a result, he did not see the vehicle that had a 9-month-old girl in the backseat. She died in the crash. The fact that the driver was a subcontractor may complicate the parents’ legal effort to hold Amazon accountable for this motor vehicle accident.

The determination of liability following a motor vehicle accident is not always clear. For this reason, accident victims often seek legal representation to aid them in seeking compensation. An experienced attorney could examine the ownership structure of a delivery vehicle and pinpoint the party or parties that are potentially responsible.