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Bronx to get new bus and bicycle lanes

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on May 11 that New York City plans to add 30 miles of bicycle lanes and 28 miles of bus lanes by the end of the year. According to media reports, city planners will focus much of their attention on improving road safety in the Bronx. This is an area that has been underserved in the past and which leads the five boroughs in cyclist fatalities.

Bronx bicycle and bus lanes

The planned infrastructure improvements in the Bronx include installing new bus lanes and widening bus lanes already in use, building protected bicycle lanes in areas with heavy traffic, constructing pedestrian islands that make getting on and off buses safer, redesigning street layouts in accident hotspots and changing bus routes to improve service and reduce congestion. Building work is planned as follows:

  • New bus lanes will be installed and six pedestrian islands built on University Avenue.
  • Bus lanes and protected bicycle lanes will be built on E.L. Grant Highway and 149th Street.
  • Changes will be implemented to improve bus services near Pelham Bay Park, and new bus lanes will be opened on Gun Hill Road and Story Avenue.
  • Pedestrian Islands will be built to make the intersection of Webster Avenue and 149th Street safer for pedestrians.

Traffic enforcement

Some groups advocating for road safety improvements in New York say installing new bus and bicycle lanes could actually cause motor vehicle accidents if drivers can obstruct and park in them without consequence. City officials say the bus lane on 149th Street between Morris and Bergen Avenues has been fully implemented, but few buses are able to use it because it is usually blocked by parked cars and trucks.

Traffic cameras

Cameras are often placed to monitor traffic when projects like this are undertaken. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, an experienced personal injury attorney could use this footage to establish negligence in a lawsuit filed on your behalf. This litigation could seek damages to cover your medical expenses and compensate you for the time you were unable to work and earn a paycheck.