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What are typical injuries from car accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car accidents could leave drivers and passengers suffering from injuries. Sometimes, they might be minor ones. However, many accidents on New York streets and highways result in serious harm to all parties involved. Upon learning about the common injuries associated with car crashes, drivers might choose to become more defensive when taking to the road.

Injuries that drivers and passengers face

Whiplash might be the one that first comes to mind when discussing injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Popular culture instilled the image of an accident victim wearing a neck brace in court in people’s minds. Unfortunately, such images somewhat downplay the seriousness of whiplash, which affects the muscles in the neck. Whiplash may cause someone significant pain, along with other troubling side effects.

Broken bones could be even worse. A collision may lead to broken ribs, legs, or even the neck. The recovery time for such injuries could be lengthy and might come with a tremendous financial cost.

Other injuries associated with car crashes

Rear-end, head-on, and side-swipe collisions all bring the potential for injuries. Concerns about head and brain injuries might frighten people the most, as a fractured skull could become life-threatening.

Spinal injuries may alter a person’s life forever. Paralysis might result if the spine suffers severe enough damage. In some cases, a person may require numerous surgeries to address spinal or back injuries.

Not everyone realizes how bad an injury is. Someone might “feel fine” after a fender-bender collision, not realizing internal injuries occurred. Sadly, people suffered fatal consequences after not seeking appropriate medical care after an accident.