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Why do head-on collisions happen?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Head-on crashes could be the worse collisions on New York highways. All vehicle crashes come with the potential for injuries, but head-on accidents come with a high risk of death. And no, it does not take a large truck colliding with a compact car to cause fatal accidents, nor are high speeds required. With these points in mind, all drivers should take care to avoid front-end calamities.

Fundamental steps for safety

Following basic safety steps could prevent motor vehicle accidents, including deadly head-on collisions. Traffic signs exist for a reason, so don’t ignore them. Signs noting one-way traffic or “Do Not Enter” require adherence. Making a turn the wrong way up a one-way street might result in an immediate crash.

Following posted traffic signs doesn’t mean other drivers do the same. Don’t assume drivers will see a sign stating “Wrong Way.” Be alert to other drivers and their behavior.

Poor driving practices extend to parking lots and driveways, too. Are there blind spots near a store’s driveway entrance? If so, be careful when entering.

Highway hazards and dangers

A head-on collision at 60 mph on the highway may leave lives shattered. Avoidable driver errors, such as entering an exit lane, could end in a tragedy. Illegally crossing a double line into oncoming traffic reflects the impatience of making an ill-advised pass, a moving violation that could kill.

Legal lane changes might result in injury or death when performed at the worst time. Such passes should occur only when safe, as risky driving proves dangerous.

Moving violations and bad decisions may reflect negligence. Negligent drivers may find themselves facing a financially costly lawsuit. Monetary concerns aside, causing an accident may lead to the loss of human life. Why take deadly chances?