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Whose takes responsibility for a rideshare accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The rideshare industry provides a way for commuters to save money through a gig economy alternative to traditional taxis. While sometimes less expensive, there is also an issue with less experienced drivers. Rideshare drivers might find the task of transporting passengers to unfamiliar locations in New York challenging at times due to unfamiliar routes and other issues. Accidents may result.

Rideshare drivers and accidents

A rideshare driver who travels above the speed limit to get a customer to a destination on time increases accident risks. The vehicle may crash due to the driver’s negligent actions, leading to a passenger’s injuries. The passenger may then sue the rideshare driver and could also potentially have a case against the rideshare company.

Injured passengers may file an insurance claim, and rideshare companies typically provide significant liability coverage for their drivers when transporting passengers. Of course, the driver would need to be liable in some way. If another driver was entirely at fault for the accident, that person would likely be the negligent party.

A wider look at liability

The aftermath of motor vehicle accidents often involves an investigation to determine liability. Again, rideshare accidents are not always the fault of a gig worker. A bicyclist who ignores a stop sign and darts into the street could be entirely at fault for his or her injuries. The bicyclist may even be liable for the rideshare driver and any passenger’s injuries.

More than one party could share fault. A rideshare driver may commit a moving violation and get hit by another driver who negligently operates a vehicle. In such situations, a plaintiff may sue or file claims against several parties. Again, the specific evidence related to individual incidents may tell a tale about who is at fault.