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Is there a free bike tune-up station coming to NYC?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Bicyclists remain a common sight in all five boroughs of New York City as people enjoy bike riding not only for the health benefits but also as a less expensive way to get around town. However, cyclists have to worry about their safety when trekking through New York and making sure their bikes are in good shape. An upcoming event wants to lend bicyclists a potentially beneficial assist.

Tune-up time for bikes

October garners the nickname “Biketober” in New York, and the moniker helps draw attention to “Bike Month.” One reason that the local government wants to promote Biketober centers on helping improve safety. Local authorities intend to do more than provide advice: Bicyclists could take advantage of free tune-ups.

The New York City Department of Transportation will support “bike safety check” stations where inspections and tune-ups may occur. Even experienced bicyclists might not know if their bike suffers from a problem. A safety check conducted by a qualified person could discover an issue and help with a fix. Doing so might help prevent an accident.

The dangers of bicycle accidents

An unfortunate number of bicyclists find themselves involved in car accidents. When a bicyclist gets struck by a motor vehicle, the bicyclist could suffer the worst harm. Permanent injuries or even death may result as helmets only provide so much protection.

If a bike suffers from poor brakes or has an underinflated tire, the bike might not be able to get out of a car’s way. In addition, a driver could operate a vehicle recklessly and put others in danger. When a bike doesn’t work as it should, defensive tactics become challenging.

A poorly maintained bike could leave a cyclist open to liabilities as well if they cause an otherwise preventable accident. For that reason and more, it may be best to get a bike tuned up during Biketober.