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Gravesend TV crew rescues Brooklyn residents

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

For the past two years or so, our news feeds on social media, websites and TV have been bombarded with negative news: violence, shootings, car accidents, etc. However, one recent story out of Brooklyn breaks that mold, and the heroic rescue of three locals and a dog is being called miraculous.


The boroughs of New York are no strangers to TV filming, and Brooklyn is currently being used by the crew of the TV show, Gravesend. According to the star and creator of the show, William DeMeo, prior to the miracle rescue, the crew was filming in a mock-up of an 80s video store. They heard a loud crash, but did not see the crash from the building’s window, so they did not think anything of it.

The car accident

According to the New York Police Department, the car crash occurred on Tuesday. Reportedly, it was caused by an 80-year-old driver, who lost control of her vehicle, and then collided with a parked vehicle and overturned onto teenager and his dog. Unfortunately, the car trapped the boy and his dog underneath it.

The miraculous rescue

At some point after hearing the loud crash, the producer for the TV show, Michele Frantzeskos, went outside. Once she went outside, she could hear people screaming and saw the accident scene. She immediately ran over and pulled the elderly driver and her passenger from the car. This is when she could hear the boy screaming for help. She ran back, grabbed DeMeo and got a bunch of the crew to come help. They ran back to the car, and then lifted the vehicle off the boy and dog, rescuing them both. Luckily, first responders arrived thereafter.

After the miracle rescue

Paramedics took the teenager, the elderly driver and her passenger to local hospitals. Everyone suffered serious injuries, but none of them were life threatening. And, everyone is expected to recover. For our Bronx, New York, readers, we should take this story as a breath of fresh air. Good news, for once.